Happy Fathers Day!

My Papang… “he was the one who showed me how to invest on great memories.

His teaching is so special to me that I included this in my first book. Let me read you what I wrote in my book:

My dad was the sole provider for our family. My mom was a full-time housewife when they were in the Philippines. Regardless of my dad’s busy schedule, he always gave time to take us out as a family. He would take us to different places both in and out of town. He invested a lot for us to have good childhood memories.

Our family did not have material abundance, but we had the wealth of friends and loved ones who enjoyed our company. I cannot remember a day when we did not have any visitors in our house. We got frequent visits from both friends and family from in and out of town.

This is the kind of upbringing that had instilled values in my life. As long as there are people who love you and who love being with you, that is enough. It is a kind of life that gives you happiness and frees you from any anxieties because they are always near you, willing to give a helping hand. In my mind, happiness in life is being with the people you love and who love you.”

Happy Fathers day in heaven Papang!

Cheers to the great memories!!!