Still water

Two weeks ago, I got invited by a close friend who manages a BMW dealership to witness the launch of the new BMW i7 electric car. The car is rad!

They spent a great deal of time and money to prepare by making sure everyone would feel special at the event.

A valet person would greet you at the parking lot to park your car. At the lounge, servers walked around with food and champagne. They also had an open bar making sure all the guests had their fill.

When I went to the bar to get my drinks, the bartender asked, “what drinks would you have, sir?” I said, “I’ll have water.” The bartender replied, “do you want still water?”

I replied jokingly, “oh, thank goodness the water is still water!” 😂

Have you heard the term “relative deprivation?

Relative deprivation refers to inequality. It is the idea that people are deprived (materially or in other ways) compared with others in society.

Psychologists say it arises when you compare your socio-economic status with others at the same point in time (social comparison) or with your past or future status.

There was a moment in the event when I felt like I didn’t belong there. Then it struck me; regardless of race and ethnicity or status in life, we are all the same human beings.

We are still water.

I guess the feeling of relative deprivation could do that to you, but the good thing is you have the power to remove that thought.

Imagine the bottled water that the bartender gave me. Is it more special than any other bottled water I buy in the store?

You see, a bottle of water can be:

$0.25 wholesale
$2 retail
$3 at a restaurant
$5 at the movies
$6 at the airport (why airport food is expensive is another topic :))

It’s exactly the same bottle of water. The only thing that changed its value is the location where it’s being sold.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the same situation surrounded by “successful” people. Enjoy their company but don’t be intimidated by them. If they respect you the way, you respect them, great. But if they treat you like 25 cents, run away from them.

Always remember that we are all made the same, in the image and likeness of God.

Nothing can take that away from you. You are unique like anybody else. You may see other individuals looking and living well, but you will never know the challenges they are going through, so don’t compare yourself to the crowd that you’re in.

And the next time you feel you are worth nothing, you might just be in the wrong place.

Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see you. So the next time someone gives you water, whether sparkling or flavored, in a bottle or a fancy glass, always remember — the water is still water.