When I started my journey writing blogs, I have to admit I was awful in expressing myself.  I wanted something meaningful to write and empower my readers but when I start writing, I struggle on the words to properly express what I want to say.

But despite of this, I decided I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing.

Today, my six years of blogging has contributed a lot as to who I am in my personal, professional and spiritual life. How I act, how I behave, how I communicate, how I respond but most especially, how I write.  I still struggle in many ways but now I see them as hurdles to make me better.  I just continue on and on and now – I have momentum. Continue reading

God Will Provide

Six years ago, I wrote this blog a week after I got laid-off from work.

I wrote this blog thinking that regardless of my situation, “God will provide?” That means, I don’t have to worry about anything, because I know – God will provide!

On my blog entitled “Can Faith and Money Mix?”, I told you my “old” interpretation of the Gospel reading from Matthew 4:3-4. On that verse, I thought that, “we can have bread by holding on to every word that comes from God. That means – everything is going to be fine even if we do not work or we do not save money for our future.    Continue reading